Campus Life

What will your life be like

at Mikuni International?


All students will be housed in units owned and operated by Mikuni International College.


Students work together to purchase food and plan and prepare daily meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Students will be transported to and from classroom facilities by provided vehicles.


In addition to acquiring academic skills, students will have opportunities for outings and other activities.


The cost for food is covered in each student’s tuition amount. As such, all food will be provided for by Mikuni International. Students will prepare their own breakfasts individually, while lunches and dinners are prepared for all teachers and students in rotating shifts. This lunch and dinner preparation time is a perfect opportunity for students to learn to become independent and practice English. If you have any special allergies or dietary needs, please be sure to inform us upon arrival.


Mikuni International College owns three separate vehicles and a few bikes. Through these means, students will have access to shopping and on special occasions, transportation to school activities. There is also a convenient bus system connecting Mikuni to Yuzawa town and Naeba ski resort area.
Most housing is within easy bicycle distance from the school so students may bring bicycles for their individual needs, but cars and other vehicles are discouraged.


Throughout the semester, sports activities are offered as well as opportunities to pursue art, music, and drama. Facilities on campus offer places for basketball, badminton, table tennis, hiking, bicycling, baseball, frisbee, movies, and much more.
Time will regularly be devoted to community service and meeting humanitarian needs of local residents. Students will be expected to contribute to the cleaning and maintenance of school premises and living quarters.

Mikuni 483
Minamiuonuma-gun, Yuzawa-machi
Niigata 949-6212
Phone: 025-775-7771
Fax: 025-775-7773