Welcome to Mikuni International

Mikuni International College is a superb vehicle for laying the foundation for a prosperous, fulfilling life. It features small classes with great attention given to the individual needs of students. It promotes active participation and communication. Its students become internationalized citizens, capable of providing service in their communities and their nations.

“We invite you to learn more about Mikuni International College and look forward to welcoming you as a student or supporter. “
-Norman D. Shumway, President

Our Programs

Get away from the city, and study with native speakers, surrounded by nature at our beautiful campus in the mountains!

Study Abroad

Mikuni International offers a two-week guided tour to historic and beautiful sites around Japan.
The program provides a full immersion study abroad opportunity with chances to meet and live among Japanese students…

Internship Experience

While at Mikuni, interns will have opportunities to teach English courses, study Japanese, live with Japanese students, and participate in cultural exchanges with students from all over Japan…

Online Learning

Mikuni provides online courses for English learners located throughout Japan. Using an interactive video conference program, Japanese students can learn from native English speakers from the comfort of their own homes…

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Minamiuonuma-gun, Yuzawa-machi
Niigata 949-6212
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